Surgical Precision: Russia Eliminated British & French Mercenaries in ZOLOCHIV┃AVDIIVKA On FIRE

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The situation in Avdiivka is developing so rapidly that the combat maps become outdated literally within 2-3 hours. Russian troops are advancing so rapidly from the South and North that war correspondents do not have time to provide timely response to what is happening in this city. For example, on the morning of February 6, war correspondents reported that the territory along ‘Zheleznodorozhnaya’ Street to the intersection with ‘Sapronova’ Street came under the control of Russian troops. However, just a few hours later, at 3 p.m. Moscow time, these data were already outdated. It turned out that during this time, the Russian troops managed to significantly move forward to the north, take control of the entire territory of ‘Sapronova’ Street, and reach the bridge over the railway line