This World’s Most Powerful EW System is from Another Dimension┃Pentagon’s Nightmare – ‘MURMANSK BN’

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In the arsenal of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation there are weapons that cause genuine horror and permanent headaches for NATO generals. One of these weapons is rightfully considered the electronic countermeasures complex ‘Murmansk-BN’, which, due to its characteristics, has received the status of the world’s most powerful electronic warfare system.

Already at the stage of testing a prototype, close attention was riveted to this electronic warfare system not only by the leaders of the North Atlantic Alliance but also by the entire military-political crowd of the collective West, which, by the way, may seem logical. Western military in impotent fury watched the creation and receipt by the Russian Armed Forces of a short-wave coastal electronic warfare complex capable of completely paralyzing the functioning of the electronic systems of NATO weapons without destroying them physically.