TOTAL FAIL┃Britain and the US are Suffering Significant Losses in Confrontation with Yemen’s Houthis

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From the very beginning, the US and British military operation against Yemen’s Houthis did not go according to plan. Unfortunately for Washington, the military operation called the ‘Prosperity Guardian’ failed to yield the expected results. In the Red Sea, attacks on ships belonging to countries supporting Israel have not only not stopped but have also increased significantly. Moreover, a few days ago, two British anti-mine ships Sandown-class minehunter ‘HMS Bangor’ and Hunt-class mine countermeasures vessel ‘HMS Chiddingfold’, were disabled in the port of Bahrain as a result of a collision. The damage of these warships turned out to be so significant that repair may take 8 to 12 months. The loss of these warships caused significant damage to the entire military operation in the Red Sea since it was these British vessels that were supposed to fight against the underwater mines of Yemen’s Houthis