Tulsi Gabbard goes scorched-earth on Kamala Harris over Ukraine-Russia performance: ‘Grade-school understanding’

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Democrat Tulsi Gabbard said Monday that Vice President Kamala Harris’ recent performance on the world stage proved she lacks the foreign policy prowess necessary for top American leaders.

What is the background?

While President Joe Biden remained stateside, the Biden administration dispatched Harris to Germany last week to meet with top European leaders and hopefully decrease the chances of war between Russia and Ukraine.

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The trip ended with an embarrassing press conference in which Harris made contradicting claims. On one hand, Harris claimed Russian President Vladimir Putin had “made his decision” to invade Ukraine. On the other hand, Harris claimed the U.S. was prepared to impose crippling economic sanctions that Harris promised would “absolutely” deter Putin from invading Ukraine.

What did Gabbard say?

Speaking on Fox News, Gabbard called Harris’ performance “embarrassing” and charged that the vice president was dispatched as a “purely political calculation,” presumably to beef up Harris’ foreign policy résumé. “My gosh, this is embarrassing. It’s hard to keep track of all of those jumbles of words. It’s clear she was sent there to be the voice of the United States as a purely political calculation,” Gabbard said. “She has no foreign policy background, she has no foreign policy understanding. She has no concept of the cost of war, nor does she have the temperament necessary to be the voice of the United States on the global stage. It’s embarrassing to see this play out.” Gabbard, a former Democratic congresswoman from Hawaii, added that Harris’ threats of deterrent sanctions defied the laws of “grade-school understanding.” “She talked about deterrence and sanctions. How do you deter someone by punishing them before they do it? It’s very simple. This is kind of like grade-school understanding,” Gabbard said. “If you say, ‘I’m going to punish you before you do something,’ wouldn’t a kid say, ‘Fine, I might as well go ahead and do it anyway.’ This is not rocket science.” Gabbard later explained the American people “will be left holding the bag” for the Biden administration’s response to Ukraine-Russia conflict, meaning they will pay the price incurred by U.S. involvement.

Tulsi Gabbard slams Kamala Harris’ response to thiswww.youtube.com

Gabbard’s sharp criticism of Harris underscores their rocky relationship. In fact, Gabbard may be responsible for Harris’ failed presidential run in 2020 after Gabbard shellacked Harris during a Democratic primary debate over Harris’ record as a prosecutor and California’s attorney general.

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