Alexander Dugin: Uprooting the Russophobic Network

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Since 1991, we have tirelessly insisted that Russia is a great power under attack from the West, that a final clash with it is inevitable, that the collapse of the USSR will have to be overcome at some point by creating a new Union, that Ukraine cannot exist in the form in which it was formed, That Russia must develop self-reliantly and with a sovereign economy (not with the oligarchy and the resource rent), that the fifth and sixth column of Western agents of influence have no place in our society, that we are a civilization, not just one of the European countries.

I have written dozens of books and thousands of articles on this subject, not to mention interviews and speeches. My textbook “The Basics of Geopolitics” in the mid-90s explained on the vast and structured material that it is the liberal Atlanticist West, the globalists and fanatics of the “open society” (like Soros) our main and absolute enemy. Never has our rightness been more obvious. But just how many mistakes could have been avoided if the authorities had listened in time to the voice of the patriots concerned only with the power, prosperity, and security of their motherland. And nothing else.

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Of course, in Russia the Westerners never reached that extremist liberal-Nazi regime as in Ukraine or in the West itself. But sometimes they came quite close to this line. To some extent, Russia itself is undergoing “denazification” in the sense of liquidation, uprooting of an extensive Russophobic network. Only today, through the purging fire of a military operation, are we really getting out of the 90s, out of this black and despicable time of betrayal, degeneration and almost direct occupation of our country by Western agents. President Putin did a lot to ensure that this day would come. But the final Decision was made by him a week ago, a Decision that has already changed the fate of humanity. Of course, we are not ready for this. But people in general are never ready for the coming of real history. It doesn’t change anything. We will have to catch up rapidly. But above all, we need victory. It will be the starting point of our new ideology-our Idea.

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