Biden Approves Retaliatory Strikes on Targets in Iraq, Syria

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The United States has approved plans for a series of strikes over multiple days against targets in Iraq and Syria in response to recent attacks on US forces in the Middle East, including the drone attack that killed three service members in Jordan last week, CBS reported on Thursday, citing US officials.

The targets will include Iranian personnel and facilities in Iraq and Syria, the officials said. They added that weather will be a major factor in the timing of the strikes.

On Sunday, the US Central Command (CENTCOM) said three US soldiers had been killed and 25 others injured in a drone attack at a US military base in Jordan’s northeast near the border with Syria. On Monday, CENTCOM said the number of injured US soldiers had risen to 34, eight of whom had to be evacuated.

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Jordanian cabinet spokesman Muhannad Mubaidin said that the strike targeted the US’s Al-Tanf base in Syria, not a base on Jordanian territory.US President Joe Biden pinned the blame on unspecified Iran-backed militant groups, while also saying the US was still gathering the facts. Iran has denied playing any role in the attack.

On Monday, US media reported that US President Joe Biden discussed a “significant military response” to the attack during a meeting with top US officials on Sunday. Later in the day, US National Security Council spokesman John Kirby said that the White House was seeking to respond to the attack “in a very consequential way,” but was not willing to escalate tensions in the Middle East.

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