Biden Goes Full Globalist Warmonger In NATO Summit Speech

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America’s installed puppet president Joe Biden delivered a cheesy speech to a Vilnius, Lithuania crowd on Wednesday where he pushed globalist talking points and repeatedly lied to the world.

Sleepy Joe slammed Russia’s invasion of Ukraine and said the U.S. and NATO will “never” stop backing Zelensky’s regime, hinting the war will not end anytime soon and we could even be dragged into WWIII.

Biden also claimed Russia is committing crimes against humanity in Ukraine, which is debatable, while ignoring Zelensky’s military has been murdering its own civilians in the Donbas region since 2014 and continues shelling civilian infrastructure to this day.

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The comment about “crimes against humanity” is also ironic coming from Biden after the U.S. just approved cluster bombs for use in Ukraine last week.

In fact, former Biden White House Press Secretary Jen Psaki said in 2022 that “it would be a war crime” if the Russians used cluster bombs in Ukraine.

Even far-left Democrats like Minnesota Congresswoman Ilhan Omar are speaking out against the U.S. sending cluster munitions to Ukraine.

Later in his speech, Biden said the current instability of the world is an “opportunity” to promote “liberty” and “equal justice under the law” without a hint of irony since his whole family is being protected by the American Deep State controlling the FBI, CIA and other agencies.

Meanwhile, as the Biden crime family is allowed to operate without repercussions, the two-tiered “justice” system is being used to target peaceful Trump supporters who walked through open doors into the Capitol on January 6th.

Moving on from spewing lies about the Ukraine war to pushing climate change hysteria, Biden said humanity needs to work together to build “a global economy” where nobody is left behind.

He said the world needs to address the “existential threat of climate change,” whispering, “It’s real. We don’t have a lot of time. It’s the greatest threat to humanity.”

“The world is changing and we have a chance to rebuild,” he ominously warned.

According to the speech, Biden’s solution to new global problems is more collectivism and stronger alliances.

“The world has shrunk,” he explained, urging humanity to build a world where we “share” and “step up together” to promote global cooperation at a level never seen before.

One disturbing remark came when Biden pictured a world where “every nation has access to our global common space,” which insinuates borders may no longer exist in the elite’s dystopian future.

In this “interconnected world,” the senile puppet leader said the U.S. will help G7 countries, the World Bank and other major financial institutions reduce poverty, specifically in 3rd world nations.

“The road that lies before us will be hard” but we need to “stand together,” Biden told the crowd at the end of his speech.

The whole appearance was chock-full of collectivist, Marxist language openly promoting a world run by groups like NATO, the WHO, WEF and others who are not looking out for humanity’s best interests and are actually engaged in a eugenics program where millions of people will eventually be culled before the rest are enslaved.

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