Blame Putin for the Fake News

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Obviously the election of Trump has plunged the entire degenerate Western establishment and their sycophantic lying whore presstiture mainstream media into a collective breakdown – it has thrown them into paroxsyms of protestations previously unknown. And the pathetic adult-children students requiring “safes spaces” and crayons and Play-do are merely the overt manifestations of their infantile liberal elite idols who have ruled over us for decades. Previously however, their immaturatity and grandise delusions, sympotic of patholigical narcissism, have not merely never been challenged but in fact we, neo-slaves, have been subjeugated and forced to live their fantasies, just like the subjugated peasants of a mad king in times past.

For our destiny was to be slaves of the New World Order

for their omnipotence has been shown to be an illusion – reality has dealt them a severe blow.

So, now, we neo-peasants – slaves of the New World Order.
blame as a symptom if the immature mind.