Breakthrough In Kupiansk Direction | The Krasnohorivka Cauldron Is Brewing | Military Summary

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Last night, the Russian military launched further attacks on Ukraine’s critical infrastructure. Reports indicate that three power plants and one gas storage facility were hit. No additional information is currently available about damage in other regions. West of Staramaiorsk, Russian forces managed to capture the fields up to the city outskirts, thereby improving their tactical position. In Krasnohorivka, Russian units advanced to just before the hospital in the eastern part of the city, successfully encircling dozens of Ukrainian ground troops. In Chasiv Yar, the intense Russian bombardments continue, with the radius of the bombings even extending to the areas west of Ivanisvke and Klischiivka. The Seversk region was relatively quiet today. In the Kupjansk region, some reports suggest that Russian soldiers have breached the defensive lines at Berestove, although no geolocations are available for these claims.