Brian Berletic: Death of Gonzalo Lira | Crumbling Ukrainian Air Defenses | Growing Russian Military Capabilities

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US-Chilean citizen Gonzalo Lira is confirmed dead by the US State Department, having died in a Ukrainian prison with serious health issues neglected by his jailers. He was imprisoned for criticizing Kiev;

  • Russia continues using a strategy of attrition across the line of contact, particularly in places like Avdeevka where Ukrainian positions are steadily degraded;
  • Russian forces continue carrying out large-scale drone and missile strikes on targets across Ukraine;
  • Ukraine admits a growing crisis in terms of air defense capabilities with its Western sponsors unable to supply an adequate number of interceptors for launchers transferred to Ukraine;
  • Russia is continuing to expand production of existing drones and missiles while also developing new drones and missiles with greater capabilities, further stressing Ukraine’s already stretched combat capabilities;
  • Previous dismissal of Russian-Iranian defense cooperation has now led to a demonstrable strategic crisis for Ukraine and the collective West;
  • Ukrainian commanders are requesting what amounts to an entire army’s worth of equipment including an entire air force worth of replacement aircraft;