Brian Berletic: Pentagon Admits Ukraine Aid Unsustainable + Why Neutrality is Ukraine’s Only (Good) Option

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Russian forces have cleared Avdeevka, taking over a thousand Ukrainian soldiers prisoner, illustrating the disorganized nature of Ukraine’s withdrawal;

  • The US Department of Defense admits essential supporting elements for sustaining US weapon systems transferred to Ukraine were never provided, thus inhibiting the effective use of US arms by Ukrainians;
  • A fighting force makes up a small percentage of an overall military service because of the large amount of support infantry require on the modern battlefield. Without these supporting elements, a fighting force cannot sustain combat especially against a better supported force;
  • US military equipment is especially complex to sustain and maintain on the battlefield, a fact illustrated by US purchases of Russian helicopters for Afghan forces because US helicopters were too difficult to fly, maintain, and sustain;
  • The end game for Ukraine is particularly bleak considering the attritional nature of the conflict, Russia’s ability to outproduce Ukraine and its allies, and the unrealistic objectives Ukraine and its Western sponsors are attempting to achieve;
  • Attempts to focus on Russian military shortcomings while ignoring Ukrainian military shortcomings produces a fatally flawed perception of the conflict disallowing both the means and objectives of the fighting to be realistically evaluated;