Brian Berletic: Ukraine Losing Ground as Weapons Wear Out & Ammunition is Depleted

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Ukrainian forces continue falling back west of Avdeevka;

  • Ukraine continues carrying out drone attacks inside Russia despite the Western media admitting it has little to no impact on the Russian population;
  • While the West continues debating funding for Ukraine, the primary problem still stems from the fact there is not enough arms and ammunition to buy with the money in the first place;
  • What arms Ukraine still has suffers from an inability to properly sustain and maintain it, as the US DoD has admitted and now a growing number or articles in the Western media confirm;
  • Claims that Ukraine has shot down a large number of Su-34 aircraft remain unverified, even if true this rate of success is unsustainable for Ukraine;
  • Germany is investigating alleged leaks of officials discussing the transfer of German-made cruise missiles to Ukraine including for attacking the Crimean bridge;
  • Even if the Crimean bridge is destroyed, Russia can still sustain both the civilian economy and its military facilities on the peninsula;