Brian Berletic: Ukraine Seeks PR “Wins” as West Admits War May be Lost

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As Ukraine and its Western sponsors continue losing the conflict strategically, Ukraine continues conducting military operations to win public relations victories;

  • Ukrainian drone strikes on St. Petersburg and a Russian oil depot inflicted no tactically or strategically significant damage;
  • Such strikes have demonstratably only galvanized the Russian population further behind Moscow and are admittedly aimed at encouraging the Ukrainian population to remain invested in the conflict;
  • The US government has claimed that without further financial aid, Ukraine will decisively lose the conflict, omitting the fact that even with additional financial resources, the arms and ammunition Ukraine needs does not exist to be purchased and transferred to Ukraine in the first place;
  • France has urged arms manufacturers to boost output, claiming to have switched to a “war economy mode,” despite the necessary prerequisites to do so not being met and France being unable to boost output without huge investments in both money measured in billions, and time measured in years;
  • The fate of a Russian A-50 airborne early warning and control aircraft continues to remain at the center of Western commentary, specifically because of a lack of strategically significant developments in Ukraine’s favor on the battlefield. The fact that Western media admits the allegedly destroyed plane has already been replaced reveals how insignificant the incident is;
  • The Western media continues promoting narratives of heavy Russian losses around Avdeevka, identical to narratives that preceded the fall of Bakhmut to Russian forces last year;
  • While such narratives are meant to depict Russia as weak and failing, the relentless tidal wave of men and equipment would not be possible unless Russia possessed vastly superior means of raising manpower and military industrial output;