[Brian Berletic] US “Green Lights” Strikes on Russia | Reality Behind Kerch Port Attack | Czech Ammo Bid Falls Short

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US green-lights use of American weapons on Russian territory, however this is a process that has been ongoing for decades, it is simply taking place more openly now;

  • The New York Times has previously admitted that the US built up the Ukrainian intelligence and military units conducting attacks including terrorism inside Russia since 2022;
  • The US was behind Chechen extremists Russia fought two wars against within its own borders in the late 1990s and early 2000s;
  • If Ukraine’s use of Western weapons have failed to impede Russian success along the line of contact, it can be assumed that attempting to use them across Russia’s vast interior will only further dilute Ukrainian firepower along the front and compound its crisis further;
  • A recent Ukrainian attack on Kerch Port, Crimea demonstrates how difficult it is even with large-scale complex attacks directed by NATO to disrupt ports operations at a single port, Russia has multiple ports, the Crimean Bridge, and land bridge that would need to be disrupted in order to “isolate” Crimea;
  • The Czech-led artillery shell initiative now admittedly involves munitions in poor condition, with half of the rounds being collected requiring refurbishment, meaning the supposed 800,000 rounds on their way to Ukraine will be sent in smaller tranches over a longer period of time, impacting Ukraine’s daily rate of fire;