[Brian Berletic] US Running Low on Weapons as Proxy Wars Target Russia, Iran, & China

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Ukraine’s offensive has culminated, in many areas is being overturned by Russian counter-offensives;

  • Western military assistance continues to dwindle for Ukraine and is now being divided between both Ukraine and Israel;
  • Israel’s military and political leadership have openly announced a deliberate intention to cut off civilians from food and fuel while bombarding them with military aviation and other long-range weapons;
  • Israel is contemplating a ground operation into Gaza;
  • The Middle East has been pivoting slowly away from US primacy, toward a Russian-Chinese led multipolar order;
  • Hamas raids and Israel’s disproportionate response pose a danger to this process – forcing the region to be drawn into an armed conflict at risk of escalating;
  • Hamas’ background and actions over the last 2 decades have served US foreign policy objectives, including supporting regime change attempts in Syria and to perpetuate, not end Israeli occupation and military aggression;
  • Russia/China seek a two-state solution, in accordance with the UN, and seeks to reshape the region in a way that will make the two-state solution possible;