Brian Berletic: US Seeks “New” Strategy for Ukraine as Reality of Russia’s Advantages Sets in

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The collective West is grappling with critical shortages of artillery ammunition Ukraine requires to continue fighting against Russian forces;

  • The Western media admits that US-European attempts to expand production will take years and still fall short of even current Russian production numbers;
  • Conflicts elsewhere are placing additional strain on NATO artillery shell stockpiles;
  • Western analysts and commentators are contemplating increasingly desperate measures to speed up production increases, including sacrificing quality and safety, something they’ve all recently criticized Russia for doing as it expands munition production;
  • Ukrainian “activists” complain about their difficulty in selling continued Western support for Ukraine to the Western public;
  • There is an attempt to portray the conflict in Ukraine as “existential” for the West, claiming that Russia will end up moving further west if it wins in Ukraine;
  • This dismisses the reality surrounding the current conflict in Ukraine, the preceding decades of aggressive NATO expansion up to Russia’s borders, and NATO’s use of proxies to attack Russia on its borders;