Brian Berletic – What’s in Washington’s Newest Ukraine Arms Package?

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US announces that it has secretly transferred long-range ATACMS to Ukraine recently, ahead of the more recent arms package;

  • Fewer ATACMS are available to Ukraine than Russia’s Iskander equivalent which also has a longer range than ATACMS;
  • The ATACMS along with the weapons and ammunition sent to Ukraine as part of the recent arms package are not war-winning capabilities, lacking the full combined arms capabilities Russia possesses as well as qualitative and quantitative disadvantages;
  • Meanwhile, on the battlefield, Russia forces continue advancing particularly in the Donbass region as exhausted Ukrainian forces continue withdrawing along the front;
  • While the collective West struggles to arm Ukraine, Ukraine itself is suffering from an increasing manpower crisis. Even if it was able to recruit a large enough quantity of manpower, it does not have the time or resources to properly train and arms them;
  • It must be remembered that while Ukrainian military capabilities diminish, Russian capabilities continue to expand;