Check out the more than 150 (still alive) Bilderbergers who reportedly played an instrumental role in unleashing COVID-19 on the world

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Contrary to popular belief, the Wuhan coronavirus (COVID-19) “pandemic” was not some freak accident, or some unexpected “black swan” event that took the world by surprise. It was planned by the globalist “elite” many years ahead of its unveiling.

Of the 1,861 members of the globalist-led Bilderberg Group who are still alive, more than 150 of them played a role in unleashing the COVID event. Many of the names you are probably familiar with, while others will be people who have been hiding in the shadows pulling strings.

We know that the 2021 Bilderberg meeting, an annual affair, was canceled “due to travel and meeting restrictions.” We also know that prior to this, other Bilderberg meetings centered around “Pandemic Planning,” which conveniently dovetailed with the declaration in early 2020 of a global COVID “pandemic.”

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For at least the past 20 years, the Bilderberg group has been staging Pandemic Planning roundtables at which a who’s who list of the world’s most powerful people (reptilians?) have had a seat. Their names include:

• Gro Harlem Brundtland, who in the early 1980s introduced “A Spreading Plague,” a 2019 pandemic planning exercise, later attended Atlantic Storm, and in February 2020 participated in a Preventing Global Catastrophic Biological Risks exercise

• Avril Haines, a U.S. deep state actor and former Central Intelligence Agency (CIA) director who participated in Event 201 back in late 2019, and also participated in the February 2020 Preventing Global Catastrophic Biological Risks exercise

• Sam Nunn, who participated in the same February 2020 event and also boasts experience from the mid-1990s in pandemic planning, including later participation in Operation Dark Winter

• Judith Rodin, a Rockefeller Foundation president who took part in a Lock Step exercise in 2010 that foresaw the unleashing of a later pandemic that would serve as a means to achieving a global techno-totalitarian police state.

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Bilderberg bilked the world on COVID

After COVID was launched, Bilderbergers at varying levels of government around the world helped individual nation-states form the infamous task forces through which lockdowns and mandates for the “pandemic” were unleashed.

By Spring 2020, many of these task forces had attained special “state of emergency” powers allowing them to override standard operating procedures, including many of the legal restrictions that are supposed to protect the public from the kind of authoritarian governments that emerged during COVID.

Helping to ring-lead these national task forces were the following Bilderberg names:

• Vittorio Colao, who led a special task force to handle “Phase 2” of the Italian Covid Task Force

• Christopher Liddell, who participated in the Trump White House’s Coronavirus Task Force

• Matthew Pottinger, who also participated in the Trump White House’s Coronavirus Task Force, and whose wife, Yen, played a pivotal role in crafting the “social distancing” propaganda in early 2020

• Kathleen Sebelius, a member of the Biden White House’s Coronavirus Taskforce who also holds a board member seat at the Kaiser Family Foundation

• Jeffrey Zients, a White House coronavirus coordinator who infamously announced in August 2021 that “it’s time to impose some requirements” where COVID “vaccines” are concerned

There were also several Bilderberg “handlers” who influenced government leaders to push COVID tyranny on citizens. They include:

• Mark Carney, who “act[ed] as an informal adviser to Prime Minister Justin Trudeau (Canada) on the federal government’s response to the COVID-19 pandemic”

• Andrew Liveris, an ex-CEO of Dow and Member of the Board of Citigroup who worked as “special adviser” to Australia’s National COVID-19 Coordination Commission

The following Bilderbergers played other influential roles in the COVID theater event they called a “pandemic:”

• Oliver Bäte, a member of Bavaria’s COVID-19 Economic Advisory Council who made many alarmist statements about the so-called “virus,” comparing it to a “worldwide meteor impact” or explosion of a nuclear power station

• Laurence Boone, a commissioner of the Lancet Commission on COVID-19 who worked as chief economist at the Global Economic Forum during its economic response to COVID

• Sylvia Burwell, co-chair of the CFR’s “Independent Task Force on Improving Pandemic Preparedness”

• Mitchell Daniels, also a member of the CFR’s Independent Task Force on Improving Pandemic Preparedness

• Joe Kaeser, who was appointed as Bavaria’s COVID-19 Economic Advisory Council (as Siemens CEO) by Markus Söder

As for the social changes that resulted from COVID, the following Bilderbergers spearheaded that “response:”

• Stefan Löfven, who managed Sweden’s COVID measure while serving as the country’s prime minister

• Mary Ann Sieghart, who presented Fallout on BBC Radio 4, a series covering various possible outcomes from the COVID “pandemic”

The Exposé has a complete list of all known Bilderbergers who played a role in the COVID “pandemic,” so be sure to check it out to learn more.

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