Comment by Foreign Ministry Spokeswoman Maria Zakharova on the outcomes of the European Council meeting in Brussels on March 24-25, 2022

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The results of the European Council’s meeting, held jointly with US leaders, reaffirmed the fact that the collective West needs Ukraine – a country that is completely controlled by Washington and in the grips of Russophobia – only as a geopolitical battering ram against Russia. This is why Ukrainian neo-Nazis are given money, weapons and ammunition which they use to kill civilians. They receive assurances of solidarity and unconditional support, and the cities destroyed by the neo-Nazis, whose residents are hiding from them in basements, are declared bastions of freedom and European values. However, the Kiev authorities’ mistaken bet is that the aggressive anti-Russian policy they are enthusiastically pursuing will hasten the day that they receive a “membership card” in the EU. Questions about Ukraine’s EU prospects are invariably answered with polite excuses.

The EU leaders’ attempts to assume the role of defenders of international law while accusing Russia of violating it are particularly inappropriate. As a reminder, in circumvention of the UN Security Council, the Western countries unleashed a series of military “humanitarian interventions” in former Yugoslavia, Iraq, Libya and Syria and have been turning a blind eye to the genocide organised by Kiev in Donbass for many years now. With regard to “war crimes,” since 2014 Russia’s Investigative Committee has opened hundreds of criminal cases against the Armed Forces of Ukraine and the national battalions for the atrocities they have committed against civilians in Donbass.

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The EU calls for Russia to provide humanitarian corridors in Ukraine are part of these attempts as well. Over the past weeks, the Russian Defence Ministry has been opening, on a daily basis, humanitarian corridors going in a variety of directions for civilians and Ukrainian military who have laid down their arms.

Brussels vows to impose more sanctions on Russia if necessary, failing to mention that only the United States will benefit from them, since it is profiting from the outflow of capital from the EU and increased exports of weapons and LNG at exorbitant prices to European markets. With their actions, the bureaucrats in Brussels are, in fact, undermining the EU countries’ economies, which they poorly understand to begin with. They are dooming Europe and everyday Europeans to the demolition of the existing socially oriented economic model and way of life amid skyrocketing prices for electricity and fuel, as well as cuts in social benefits in favour of military budgets, runaway inflation and mass unemployment.

As for the decision adopted by the European Council regarding the “reconstruction of a democratic Ukraine” and the establishment of a dedicated foundation towards this end, we consider it a belated decision. As we know, Ukraine’s evolution towards democracy was suspended in February 2014, when an unconstitutional coup was carried out in Kiev at the behest of Western countries. Ukraine and its neighbours have been reaping the consequences for over eight straight years already. Now is the time for decisive measures to de-Nazify and demilitarise Ukraine, which is what the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation are doing. We remain confident that once these measures have been fully implemented, the Ukrainian people will return to a peaceful and neighbourly path of development. The European Union, as well as its Western partners, has yet to realise the tragic consequences of flooding an aggressive neo-Nazi regime in central Europe with money and weapons.


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