Destroying Peace Since 1949 – NATO: Anatomy of a Bad Idea | A. Lieven, J. Matlock & J. Mearsheimer

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On April 4, 1949 the North Atlantic Treaty Organisation (NATO) was founded in Washington DC. To commemorate the 75th anniversary of the worlds largest military alliance, we hosted a panel with three iconic IR thinkers.

Jack Matlock—the last US Ambassador to the Soviet Union, Professor John Mearsheimer—the World’s most renowned realist thinker, and Anatol Lieven—the Quincy Institute’s finest journalist, are our guests. The panel was convened by the American Committee for US-Russia Accord and Catharina vanden Heuvel, the former Editor in Chief of the Nation Magazine together with Neutrality Studies.

In this talk, the three realists explain how NATO after the Cold War has morphed into a global linchpin of instability and a failed vehicle of US power projection.

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00:00 Highlights
01:56 Intro Katrina vanden Heuvel
05:05 Intro Pascal
08:19 Jack Matlock: What NATO is about
13:44 John Mearsheimer: NATO Expansion
18:56 Anatol Lieven: The Hubris of NATO
28:38 Jack Matlock: This is not a Cold War
34:56 John Mearsheimer: The Failings of the West
38:34 Anatol Lieven: Universal Rivalry of the West
42:36 Jack Matlock: Overcommitment of the USA
46:15 John Mearsheimer: What the USA cares about
50:26 Anatol Lieven: Illiberal domestic policies blamed on Russia
54:50 Jack Matlock: Necessity of turning AWAY from Nuclear War
58:19 John Mearsheimer: Necessity of NATO severing ties with Ukraine