Dirk Pohlmann & Jimmy Dore brief the United Nations about the 2022 Nord Stream pipeline sabotage

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“The Western governments are silent even as the US says through anonymous sources that Ukraine is responsible for the Nord Stream attack, but they won’t blame them publicly. And so the United States continues to arm Ukraine to the teeth in hopes of extending the war and avoid peace. The Germans say it’s Ukraine but will not release their official investigation and will not make an announcement.

The final obscenity is the people in the West who claim to be environmentalists and claim to care about climate change and the environment say nothing about the worse release of methane gas in human history, but in fact whose actions reveal they don’t actually care about climate change and continue to support this war and its eco-terrorism. In a bizarre twist, even Greta Thunberg travelled to Ukraine to meet with Zelenksyy after the Nord Stream Bombing”

Dirk Pohlmann is a German journalist, author, screenwriter, director and producer of more than 20 historical documentaries for Arte, ARD and ZDF. He was a manager of CargoLifter World and ArtemiFlow, producer of Artemisinin. Dirk Pohlmann is the editor-in-chief of Free21, a German Political Blog and journal. Since 2004, Pohlmann has increasingly focused on intelligence operations during the Cold War and after. Dirk Pohlmann – Wikipedia

James Dore is an American stand-up comedian, political commentator/theorist, and is the host of The Jimmy Dore Show, a comedic political talk show on YouTube. https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Jimmy_Dore

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