Dr. Marcus Papadopoulos: US global hegemony is at stake in Ukraine, & this is why the US will not allow Ukraine to negotiate


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Dr Marcus Papadopoulos argued that the West and Russia are fighting four wars against each other in relation to Ukraine: the first is a military war, the second is a economic war, the third is a information war, and the fourth is a culture war. He asserted that Russia is winning the military and economic wars, while the West is winning the information war. As regards to the culture war, Dr Marcus said that the outcome of this will depend on whomever emerges victorious in the military war in Ukraine, which he said will be Russia. Furthermore, Dr Marcus contended that by continuing to send astronomical amounts of money and weaponry to Ukraine, the Western ruling elites are demonstrating that they are indifferent to the suffering of the Ukrainian population and also indifferent to the suffering of their own people, on account of how the economic war between the West and Russia is taking a horrific toll on the lives of ordinary people in both America and Britain. Finally, Dr Marcus opined that the reason as to why the Western ruling elites are fighting a proxy war against Russia in Ukraine is to preserve Western global hegemony.