EU Is TOO WEAK For Peace. No NATO Troops In Ukraine | Hungary’s Political Director Dr. Balázs Orbán

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Balázs Orbán, the political director of Hungary’s Prime Minister explains why Hungary, despite being a loyal NATO member, will not participate in Out of Area missions of the alliance and how Hungary plans to navigate the emerging multi-polar world order.

Today I have the very special privilege of talking to a fellow European who doesn’t only think about foreign policy, but is actively involved in making it on the highest levels. I’ve got with me Dr. Balázs Orbán, the Political Director of Hungary’s Prime Minister, Viktor Orban (and no, the two are not related, they just share the same last name). Dr. Balázs Orbán earned his doctorate in Jurisprudence from ELTE—aka the University of Budapest—and holds also a degree in political science. He has been working at the office of the Prime Minister since 2018, becoming his political director in 2021 and he also won a seat in the Hungarian Parliament in 2022. In addition, Dr. Orban also published a book called “Hussar Cut: The Hungarian Strategy for Connectivity”, in which he lays out what I would call a realism-based strategy for a prosperous Hungarian foreign policy that is not tethered to one or the other power block but to many nations at once, linking them all as a key-stone.

Mr. Orbán’s Book: Balázs Orbán: Hussar Cut – The Hungarian Strategy for Connectivity – Danube Institute

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