EU’s Borrell: Ukraine Would Collapse In Days Without West’s Military Supplies

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EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell has made some surprisingly blunt admissions regarding Ukraine’s support from the West in some recent interviews, saying Kiev would collapse in a matter of “days” if military support from allies were to suddenly dry up. First, according to words he gave at an event last Friday in Florence via EuroNews:

Ukraine will succumb to the invading Russian forces “in a matter of days” without military support from Western countries, Josep Borrell, the European Union’s foreign policy chief, said on Friday, insisting that the present situation inside the war-torn country is not conducive for launching formal peace talks.

“Unhappily, this is not the moment for diplomatic conversations about peace. It’s the moment of supporting militarily the war,” he also said.

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He then explained, “If you want peace, push Russia to withdraw. Push Russia to stop the war. Don’t tell me to stop supporting Ukraine, because if I stop supporting Ukraine, certainly the war will finish soon.”

“We cannot just finish because (if we do) Ukraine is unable to defend itself and it has to surrender,” he admitted. “And the Russian troops will be in the Polish border and Ukraine will become a second Belarus. Do you want this kind of ending the war? No.”

He also had some interesting things to say regarding the potential for China to mediate peace

“Even if they are on the side of Russia, I think China has a role to play. China is a permanent member of the (UN) Security Council. China is the one who has the biggest influence in Russia,” Borrell added.

“Let’s face the reality. Like it or not, the reality is Putin continues saying: ‘I have military objectives and as far as I don’t get these military objectives, I will continue fighting.’ So the peace plans are good but you need someone that wants to talk about peace.”

Russian media also picked up on similar follow-up words given to another outlet this week. While speaking to Spanish media on Wednesday, Borrell again emphasized that without the ammo, arms and money flowing from the West – including the US and NATO – Ukraine would lost “immediately”.

RT writes based on that more recent interview:

The conflict between Russia and Ukraine can be ended in just several days, EU foreign policy chief Josep Borrell claimed to Spanish broadcaster La Sexta on Wednesday, arguing that it all depends on Western military supplies to Kiev.

“I know how to end the war immediately,” Borrell told La Sexta’s El Intermedio show. “Stop providing military aid to Ukraine and Ukraine [will] have to surrender in a few daysThat’s it, the war is over,” the EU top diplomat insisted.

Borrell acknowledged that would not be the outcome that the EU and other Western nations wanted. The bloc’s foreign-policy chief claimed that an immediate end to the conflict on such terms would see Ukraine “occupied” and “turned into a puppet country” that is “deprived of its freedoms.” 

“Is this how we want the war to end?” he asked rhetorically.

Thus while condemning the Russian invasion, the EU foreign policy chief acknowledged it has become a full-blown proxy war in which one side is entirely propped up by the West.

Of course, Russian media has welcomed the blunt assessment and has noted the irony of Borrell’s words, which are very revealing of where things really stand in Ukraine, also as Zelensky has recently admitted that his forces are not yet ready to launch a counteroffensive. 

Source: EU’s Borrell: Ukraine Would Collapse In Days Without West’s Military Supplies | ZeroHedge