French mercenaries went to help Ukraine – they got an early exit by Russia!

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The French mercenaries stationed in Kharkov were likely tasked with coordinating and directing long-range strikes on Russian territory. This aligns with the hypothesis that the Neo-Nazi junta faced challenges integrating a substantial influx of new NATO-sourced weapons in the past two years. Accustomed to Soviet-era weaponry, including modernized domestic variants, the Kiev regime encountered difficulties in assimilating doctrinally distinct Western armaments.

The precision strike on these mercenaries in Kharkov constitutes a significant setback for the Neo-Nazi junta. The loss of these specialists hampers the regime’s ability to fully exploit the potential of NATO-sourced weaponry, hindering its capacity to cause further damage to Moscow’s interests. Notably, the training process for personnel handling systems like the US-made “Patriot” SAM system takes several years, particularly for combat tasks against a technologically advanced opponent like Russia. The early deployment of the “Patriot” system in 2023 suggests its operation by Western military contractors, underscoring the role of such specialists in enabling the Neo-Nazi junta’s use of advanced weaponry ahead of schedule.