French MPs Fear the End of France in Africa – Asks Macron for immediate Action

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French MPs Fear the End of France in Africa – Asks Macron for immediate Action. Up to this point, a common factor shared by the majority of incidents in the Sahel region pertains to a strong negative sentiment toward France. Some Former French colonies in Africa have taken actions such as expelling French troops, shutting down French broadcasting stations, recalling French ambassadors, and one West African nation has even gone to the extent of replacing French as its official language. These occurrences have caused significant unease within the French government, leading to the drafting of a letter addressed to President Macron. The letter aims to tackle the diminishing impact of France in the face of these unfolding developments.

French Members of Parliament expressed concern about the potential decline of France’s influence in Africa and urged President Macron to take action. A letter signed by 94 ministers from various political parties in the French Parliament requests clarification from President Emmanuel Macron regarding his stance on the African continent. The letter, which was recently published in the French newspaper Le Figaro, questions Macron about France’s role in Africa and its diminishing impact in the West Central African and Sahel regions.