Garry Kasparov Doubled Down On His Conspiracy Theory That The US Doesn’t Want Ukraine To Win

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Average pro-Ukrainian folks are finally beginning to realize that their side lost, but the radicals among them like Garry Kasparov can’t accept reality, which is why they’re cooking up the kookiest conspiracy theories about this inevitable outcome.

NATO’s Proxy War On Russia Through Ukraine Appears To Be Winding Down”, as a result of which “Ukraine Is Bracing For A Possible Russian Counteroffensive By Fortifying The Entire Front” since Zelensky continues clinging to his messianic delusion of maximalist victory despite recently sobering up a bit. “Kiev’s Mayor, The NATO Chief, & The US’ Top General All Debunked Zelensky’s Delusions” over the past several days, however, which prompted panic among the pro-Ukrainian segment of social media.

This has most commonly taken the form of embracing doom-and-gloom narratives and embroiling themselves in vicious blame games like Olga Bazova documented in her Twitter thread here. Others like Russian chess champion and current US-based anti-Kremlin provocateur Garry Kasparov have resorted to spewing the most ridiculous conspiracy theories imaginable such as claiming that “The White House doesn’t want Ukraine to win”. It’s this second emerging trend that’ll be analyzed in the present piece.  

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That influential pro-Ukrainian figure actually introduced this disinformation narrative into the popular discourse back in early May before Kiev’s counteroffensive had even begun, and it was assessed here at the time that his cognitive dissonance was typical of Kiev’s average supporters. For the reader’s convenience, the top takeaway will now be shared below since it frames everything that’s since followed as proven by the collection of tweets that Bazova documented in her abovementioned thread:

“Continuing to cling to the false narrative of Kiev’s ‘inevitable victory’ in the face of irrefutable facts proving that such an outcome can’t be taken for granted risks radicalizing that side’s supporters similar in a sense to how QAnon radicalized some of Trump’s. If the counteroffensive fails and a ceasefire follows, then they’ll be inclined to concoct a modern-day ‘stab-in-the-back’ conspiracy theory to explain that scenario, which is exactly what Garry Kasparov is preemptively doing in his latest Twitter rant.”

The sequence of events detailed in this article’s introductory paragraph made it impossible for the pro-Ukrainian segment of social media to deny the spree of disadvantageous developments presently afflicting their side. Even worse, they’re rapidly converging to create a multidimensional crisis that risks completely destabilizing the socio-political situation behind the front lines, hence why they’re panicking, blaming whoever they can for this instead of taking responsibility, and even spewing conspiracy theories.

In brief, this is entirely due to the counteroffensive’s predictable failure leading to congressional gridlock over the US’ funding of NATO’s proxy war on Russia, the dilemma of which was exacerbated by the latest Israeli-Hamas war that redirected the West’s attention, financing, and arms. The counteroffensive failed because Russia won the “race of logistics”/“war of attrition” with NATO, the sanctions didn’t bankrupt its economy, and the West’s Hybrid War on Russia didn’t politically destabilize it.

It was assessed as early as June 2022 that “All Sides Of The Ukrainian Conflict Underestimated Each Other”, but Russia’s underestimation of the West only delayed this outcome, while the West’s underestimation of Russia – which provoked its special operation – made this outcome inevitable. Average pro-Ukrainian folks are finally beginning to realize this, but the radicals among them like Kasparov can’t accept reality, which is why they’re cooking up the kookiest conspiracy theories.

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