How Kiev Wanted to Expand the War to Belarus

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There are no guarantees that plans to set fire to Belarus have been permanently shelved

This document – attached, and verified at the highest level, is a report on several recon operations on the Ukraine-Belarus border conducted four months ago.

Several Ukrainian Special Ops groups had been engaged in deep recon previous to a possible Hail Mary-style plan: launching an offensive against the territory of Belarus, thus expanding the U.S. proxy war on Russia “multilaterally”.

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It’s not clear if this was a Kiev idea; a plan dictated by the NATO masters; or a mix of the two. Minsk, of course, was not exactly observing from a distance.

Now let’s get to the meat of the matter.

The document specifies “aerial reconnaissance 130 Rbpak crew MATRICE-30”, in an intel report dated July 21, 2023.

“An aerial survey of the Republic of Belarus was conducted: two Matrice – 30 ascents were made.

The flight altitude is 950 m. Electronic warfare system was not detected, communication with remote control was not lost, GPS signals were in Normal mode.

Without crossing the DKU.

During flights in the direction of KALININO-SK-42. x: 5727537; Y: 5583485 a video surveillance vehicle “Grenadier” was discovered – SK-42. x:5727404;

Y:5583417. Designed for station monitoring of approaches to the border.

Traces and signs of the passage of enemy DRGS, and the movement of enemy equipment in these directions are not detected.

No changes were detected along the DKU.

During the conducted aerial reconnaissance, no active actions related to the enemy’s offensive were detected.

The area is wooded and impassable for enemy personnel and equipment.

This section of the DKU is not in demand of additional aerial survey.”

Watch those impassable swamps

Now we switch to an intel report by the group “IRLANDETS” (“Irishman”), also dated July 21, 2023.

“Reconnaissance was carried out by means of reconnaissance and military search in the direction of the ZABOLOTYE in the area of the border strip and adjacent areas.

Copter take-off Point X:5719499; Y:5520355.

Start of the route: X: 5719667; Y:5518682.

End of Route: X: 5719641; Y:5522372.

The area along the recreation center and roads leading to the recreation center were surveyed.

No traces or signs of the passage of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group and enemy equipment were found.

The terrain in the area of reconnaissance is impassable for enemy equipment, which is due to a natural barrier in the form of impassable swamps, dense forest stands, and a river flows along the border line in this square. However, this section is possible for the passage of personnel.

Enemy’s composition, especially sabotage and reconnaissance group.

Confirmed presence of minefields.

Accumulation of military equipment, enemy personnel near the recreation center was not observed.

Aerial intelligence conducted.

We proceed to perform tasks for their intended purpose in another area, according to the intelligence agency’s action plan groups.”

Let’s collect some berries

Now for the RG (intel group) reconnaissance report “Partizan”, also dated July 21, 2023.

“Exploration was carried out by searching and observing, interviewing the local population in the direction of the PEREBRODY district (X:5733040; Y:5499111) – ZHADEN (X:5732068; Y: 5488281) – BUDIMLYA (X:5726038; Y:5498176) in the area of the border strip and adjacent areas.

Areas along the recreation center were examined, engineering and sapper barriers, forest and field roads leading to the recreation center were checked: presence of anti-tank ditches, rubble and obstacles from trees, minefields.

No traces or signs of the passage of enemy sabotage and reconnaissance group and enemy equipment were found. The area of exploration is conditionally passable for vehicles and personnel, which is due to a natural barrier, namely: reservoirs, swampy areas, engineering barriers.

Confirmed presence of minefields(SK – 42: 1)X:5734692; Y;5495350; 2) X:5734724;

Y:5495106; 3)X:5734899; Y:5494965; 4)X:5735543; Y:5497866; 5) X:5737721; Y:5501118).

When conducting reconnaissance, optical means were used: binoculars.

The situation along the DKU lines is calm. No sounds of movement or movement of enemy equipment were recorded.

Due to the berry season, the local population massively collects berries in border forests, moving to the sites by quad bikes, road transport and scooters. So, during the period of conducting reconnaissance, these vehicles and collectors were recorded up to and including the borderline.

We proceed to perform tasks according to the Action Plan of the Partizan intel group.”

There you go. This was the situation four months ago. Much has happened since: the massive drying up of funds and weapons to Kiev; the war limelight stolen by Israel; and the Zelensky-Zaluzhny dogfight. Still, t

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