Iran’s “Protests” Have Exposed Much of Alt-media As a Fraudulent Western Sham

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Iran’s “Protests” Have Exposed Much of Alt-media As a Fraudulent Western Sham
A Russia Truth exclsuive article by Adam Garrie
The Iran “protests” have revealed the full extent of the myopic selfishness which is endemic in so-called “alt-media”. While predictably, western mainstream media have adopted the anti-Iranian rhetoric of the Zionist regime and of the Trump White House, what may come as a shock to some, is that so too have many in the so-called “alt-media”. 
 “Alt-media” has become a victim of its own success—a success built more on opportunism than on principle. For many, the western and Wahhabi terrorist proxy war on The Syrian Arab Republic was a watershed moment among those who were aghast at the fact that many of the so-called liberals of the west who protested the war in Iraq because George W. Bush couldn’t string a sentence together, ended up supporting (directly or tacitly) Barack Obama’s wars of aggression on Libya and Syria—simply because Obama was a smooth talker. 
Because of the protracted nature of the conflict in Syria, many naive western liberals and some erstwhile neo-cons, began to realise that in Syria, a secular, tolerant, multi-ethnic, multi-confessional, progressive and modern government was facing a visibly barbaric and an undeniably reprehensible onslaught at the hands of Takfiri terrorists who were armed, aided and funded by western governments and their allies in places like Saudi Arabia and “Israel”. 
Because of this and because of the naturally self-interested fear of the global threat from groups like Al-Qaeda and ISIS, many westerners superficially rallied to the Syrian side without having the faintest idea of what they were supporting, nor a willingness to educate themselves about the history of the Syrian Arab Republic, Ba’athism or the legacy of President Hafez al-Assad, let alone his son, President Bashar al-Assad. 
Many in the west conspicuously failed to comprehend that Syria’s battle, while one which benefits global civilisation, is one being fought in the specific context of a long history of Arab nationalism. Syria does not exist for the benefit of foreigners, but for the benefit of her people and the wider Arab community. Syria is of course, a partner to all sincerely friendly nations ranging from Russia and China, to Iran and the DPRK. However, a great deal of non-Arabic analysis on Syria tends to view the conflict in selfish terms which represent an unconscious colonial mentality. A lot of this is a sad reflection on the background of those authoring such narrow minded “analysis”.  One cannot wish Syria well, without understanding the nature of her political system and consequently, why any external alteration to this system will have made Syria’s military victories, ultimately useless.
The future of the Syrian Arab Republic will not depend on the support of groups and individuals merely cheering on the Syrian Arab Army for selfish reasons, without care for the future of the Arab Republic. Syria’s future depends on those who see Arabism as an inseparable element vis-a-vis Syria’s society, laws and national character.
And now the penny has dropped even deeper.
 Unlike Syria, Iran has not faced an internal military onslaught from Takfiri terrorists, although last year, a large scale ISIS staged a brutal attack on important sites in Tehran. The result was 18 Iranians martyred at the hands of Takfiri terrorists in an assault which Iran’s security services said was orchestrated by Saudi Arabia—America’s primary Arab ally. 
However, because Iran’s struggle against Takfiri terrorism is one fought outside of Iran’s borders, the Takfiri atrocity of 2017 in Tehran did not register among many western observers. Indeed, because of decades of anti-Iranian propaganda, Iran’s steadfast and fully legal aid to Syria and Iraq in their fight against terrorism, has gone largely unnoticed. 
But now, the vile prejudices of many in the west are on full display. Iran’s government, like that of Syria’s Ba’athist government is a revolutionary government, it is a progressive government, it is a government which puts sovereignty above submission to western financial imperialism and one which puts the struggle of Palestine above capitulation to aggressive bullies. This is not to say that Syrians and Iranians don’t have complains against their governments. They do and voice them openly and peacefully in the normal way that is done in much of the world (outside of places like Saudi Arabia, occupied Palestine, Bahrain, the post-NATO Libya). This is not the issue, the issue is that of western/Zionist backed reactionaries and their thugs attempting to reinstall a puppet Shah in Tehran, all the while Al-Qaeda, ISIS,  Kurdish terrorists, Baloch terrorists and the terrorist group MEK salivate at their opportunity to destroy Iran. 
Unlike Syria’s secular revolutionary Ba’athist government, Iran’s Revolution is an Islamic Revolution. This of course has never prohibited Iran from having good ties to Christian Armenia, secular/Orthodox Russia, secular multi-confessional Syria or the secular Juche Democratic People’s Republic of Korea. Likewise, recent efforts to improve relations between majority Sunni Pakistan and the Islamic Republic of Iran have been largely successful even in their initial stages. Turkey and Iran have also greatly expanded their relations in the last year, in spite of historic, political and spiritual differences. 
It is only in the west, where the ideology of liberalism sets itself in opposition to the Islamic Revolution. Other secular or non-Shi’a countries have no trouble forming partnerships and alliances with Iran.  In this sense, western liberalism and Wahhabism share a uniquely bigoted loathing of The Islamic Republic of Iran–one that other countries without Iranian style governments do not.  
So while many liberals and partially reconstructed neo-cons in the west temporarily aligned themselves with the Ba’athist Syrian Arab Republic due to a combination of opportunism and self-preservation, when Iran faces threats from the same sources (the US, “Israel”, Saudi Arabia), there is little genuine sympathy from many in western so-called “alt-media”. 
Instead they have reverted to form. Now, they either ignore calls for solidarity with the Islamic Republic, or they openly call for its demise because the Islamic Revolution is incompatible with their liberal/neo-con bigotry. 
It seems that Iran is a red line for many in “alt-media” which shows that the groundswell of support for alternative views on Syria was both formed by and is limited to acts of selfishness. 
Such individuals do not give a damn about Palestine, because they do not live in fear of an Israeli jet bombing their homes. Such individuals also do not give a damn about Iran, because they have been programmed by Zionist propaganda to hate The Islamic Revolution, in spite of its peaceful and progressive character. What they don’t realise is that Syria sees its war against groups like ISIS as part of the larger struggle to liberate the Arab world from Zionist/western imperialism. Furthermore, Iranians see their battle to preserve the Islamic Revolution as part of the wider battle against Wahhabi obscurantism. With friends as two-faced as this, Syria should be glad to be rid of them when they no longer find the Syrian cause “useful” to their own selfish agenda. 
If politically compromised individuals in the west actually cared about the principles of national sovereignty, opposition to western, Zionist and Wahhabi imperialism, an equality among nations and peace among peoples, they would all be rallying to support Iran. Instead they sardonically insult Iran’s Revolution, Iran’s culture, Iran’s government, Iran’s customs and Iran’s people. 
Of course, there are many in “alt-media” who are genuine and always were. These were the same people who were ignored before the horrors of ISIS woke many from their slumber. Now that they think ISIS has been destroyed, they are ready to go back to sleep. 
This is to the eternal shame of the “alt-media” frauds and will be to the eternal glory of those who support The Islamic Revolution, including those in Syria who stand shoulder to shoulder with their Iranian brothers and sisters, in spite of having different forms of revolutionary governments.