Just In Time For Christmas, It’s The Alex Jones Video Game: New World Order Wars – Feat. Gay Frogs, Soros, Lizard Overlords!!!

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Well, it’s looking like a very merry Christmas for some of y’all. Alex Jones just dropped a new video game called Alex Jones: New World Order Wars.

It’s the most extreme, conspiracy-filled video game I’ve ever seen!

I’ll be upfront here: I have never in my life listened to Alex Jones.

And yet somehow, I recognize every one of the references in this game.

Alex battles gay frogs:

A big-tech lizardnerd that looks a lot like Mark Zuckerberg:

Other lizards holding syringes presumably filled with mRNA vaccines:

A nazi dragon that bears a striking resemblance to George Soros:

A population-reducing globalist probably broadcasting from his office at Microsoft:

A saxophone-playing president on Epstein’s island (whose first lady is probably a lot more dangerous):

There’s even a super-powered power up, who says, “We will defeat the globalists, yugely!”

But as the man says, “Get it now because, as we all know, anything BA gets censored!

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