Kim Jong Un oversees N. Korea’s biggest ICBM launch; S. Korea responds with missiles’ test-fire

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North Korea’s state-run television KRT on Friday (March 25) aired a video of its latest intercontinental ballistic missile (ICBM) launch on Thursday.

ICBMs, designed for nuclear arms delivery, could extend North Korea’s strike range as far as the US mainland.

It’s the biggest ICBM N. Korea has launched since 2017, under the direct command of leader Kim Jong-un.

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The launch took place from Pyongyang’s int’l airport a mere 195 kilometers from S. Korean capital city of Seoul.

S. Korea put the North’s missile maximum altitude at 6,200 km and its range at 1,080 km before crashing into the sea west of Japan.

That is further and longer than North Korea’s last ICBM test in 2017.

In response to Kim’s launch, multiple ballistic and tactical missiles were immediately test-fired from S. Korean fighter jets.

S. Korean claimed the live-fire test confirmed its military was capable of a precision strike if needed.

Both S. Korea and Japan condemned Kim’s ICBM launch.

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The United Nations on Thursday called on N. Korea “to desist from taking any further counterproductive actions”

Dubbed the Hwasong-17, the ICBM is the largest liquid-fueled missile ever launched by any country from road base.