Klishchiivka Has Fallen | Assault On Chasiv Yar | Military Summary

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The situation in the Kharkiv region remains tense. Russian and Ukrainian soldiers are fiercely battling for positions north of Lyptsi. In the city of Chasiv Yar, Russian troops, with the help of several armored vehicles, have taken positions in the northern and southern parts of the “Kanal” district and secured several buildings. The Russians are also advancing towards Kalynivka (north of Chasiv Yar). Large parts of Klischiivka have also been captured by the Russians, who are currently securing the last positions west and south of the village. South of Kostyantynivka, Russian troops are storming the fields and are only 2 km away from the first house in the village, which is currently at risk of being encircled. In the Kherson region, several FAB and JDAM attacks have been geolocated, but activities have been mostly minimal since the offensive on the Russian-Ukrainian border. The Ukrainians launched several drone attacks and ATACMS missile strikes during the night, but there is currently no information on the extent of the damage.