Leaked video stuns US over Chinese supersonic nuclear weapon capability

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The U.S. intelligence community is reeling from recent news that China successfully conducted two hypersonic weapons tests over the summer. Washington views the news as a strategic gamechanger and has thus far failed to match Russian and Chinese strides in weapons development. and Why is the U.S. falling behind Russia and China in weapons development? US Air Force combat veteran Colonel Rob Maness (Ret.) shares his insights.

A former intelligence officer for Saudi Arabia says Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman is using his children as blackmail to force his return to the country. RT America’s Alex Mihalovich reports.
RT America’s John Huddy reports on NATO’s newly revealed “master plan,” which includes preparations for nuclear war with Russia, who was understandably miffed. RT America’s Natasha Sweatte reports on continuing chaos at out-of-control US ports struggling with crises in the supply chain and US labor pool.

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Plus, “Eat the Press” Steve Malzberg and Justin Olson, candidate for the US Senate (D-Arizona) dive into the apparent double-standard that persists for US politicians, as evidenced by the latest instances of COVID-19-lockdown hypocrisy to be found in America’s political class, who in some cases seem unwilling to follow their own public health mandates.

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