MSM and Democrat Party Hiding Biden Family’s Mass Criminal Activity

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It hasn’t even been a fortnight since the sitting President of the United States’ son no showed to a pivotal hearing on the rampant influence peddling of the Biden family. A massive unprecedented scandal. Involving treason and corruption that 20 years ago would have been a constant media event due to its alarming nature and implications regarding the national security of the United States.

But here in O’Biden’s propagandized 2024 America there has hardly been a peep. There is no question. Tony Bobulinski brought the receipts. And the Democrats demeaning transparent rhetoric fell flat on its face.

Following the hearing, Hunter’s legal team fell headlong into yet another legal setback.

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LA Times “Lawyers for Hunter Biden asked a federal judge in Los Angeles to throw out nine tax-related charges, arguing that the president’s son is being vindictively prosecuted by the Justice Department and had his rights trampled by two IRS agents who publicly revealed his confidential tax records.

At a hearing Wednesday, U.S. District Judge Mark C. Scarsi appeared skeptical about Biden’s eight motions to dismiss the criminal charges, pointing out that his lawyers had little evidence to bolster some of their arguments.”

But the Donald Trump law fare circus takes center stage. As a result, The hubris of the powers that be are driving Americans into a constant exercise of critical thinking. Strengthening a massive resistance of human awareness.