NATO Officially Mobilizes 90,000 Troops To Prepare For War With Russia

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Approximately 90,000 troops will take part in NATO’s largest exercise for decades, known as Steadfast Defender 2024, according to reports.

The drill is scheduled to start next week and will continue into May, according to the alliance’s top commander Chris Cavoli.

“The Alliance will demonstrate its ability to reinforce the Euro-Atlantic area by a transatlantic movement of forces from North America,” said Cavoli Thursday.

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Steadfast Defender 2024 will involve units from all 31 NATO member countries plus candidate-member Sweden.

It will be the biggest of its kind since the 1988 Reforger drill during the Cold War.

“The exercise, composed of a series of smaller individual drills, will span from North America to NATO’s eastern flank, close to the Russian border,” Reports Insider Paper. “It will involve 50 naval vessels, 80 aircraft and over 1,100 combat vehicles.”

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