Plot Against Niger Using U.S. Military Base & Troops Exposed

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Recent developments saw the United States officially categorize the military takeover in Niger as a coup, triggering a constitutional restriction preventing the establishment of relations and aid provision to a country experiencing such political upheaval. Consequently, the suspension of a $500 million aid package to Niger ensued. This delay in the U.S. response has prompted inquiries into the timeline and decision-making process surrounding this significant development.

There have been speculations as to whether the United States yielded to France’s insistence in declaring the military takeover in Niger a coup. However, this decision posed a dilemma for the U.S., particularly in terms of its military and drone base presence in Niger The notion of cutting aid while maintaining a strategic presence raises questions about the feasibility of such a stance. Earlier reports had suggested the possibility of the U.S. contemplating a withdrawal from Niger, potentially abandoning its drone base and severing all ties.

Recent events in the U.S. Senate have shed light on the perspectives of the American elite. Senator Rand Paul introduced a resolution urging President Biden to recall U.S. troops from Niger. The surprising vote on this resolution has revealed unexpected insights into the true intentions and plans of the United States concerning Niger.

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