Prof. Nicolai N. Petro: Neocons Still Can’t Believe Russia Defeated Them

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Russia surprised itself with its power to withstand western sanctions, absorb all economic and military shocks the West tried to inflict on it, and has come out stronger than ever before from this tragic and unnecessary war. But neocons are still in denial. Well, military realities always win over delusional fantasies. Here’s what we’ve learned about the abilities of what the West used to laugh at as a “gas station dressed up as a country.”

In this video I’m talking to Nicolai N. Petro, Professor of Political science at the University of Rhode Island. He is a great expert on Russia and Ukraine, and published just a year ago a wonderful work with the title, “The Tragedy of Ukraine: What Classical Greek Tragedy Can Teach Us About Conflict” (2023). Watch the video about his book here: