Project Malaria – Courtesy Of Bill Gates

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According to the CDC, five new cases of malaria have popped up in Florida and Texas, a rash of cases of local malaria not seen in the U.S. since 2003. The U.S. sees on average 2,000 cases of imported malaria per year from travelers entering the United States.

And yes, Bill Gates is playing God via the Gates Foundation subsidized company known as Oxitec with genetically engineered mosquitos in the Florida Keys, California and Southeast Texas. The company’s trials involved releasing genetically modified male, Aedes aegypti mosquitos into the female population to cause a mass die-off while expanding that program globally to heavily affected areas of malaria.

Lo and Behold the “The EPA did not require peer review or basic preliminary caged trials in Florida and Texas and excluded adequate public comment by not posting relevant documents when they approved the trial,” according to Jaydee Hanson, Policy Director for the International Center for Technology Assessment and Center for Food Safety.

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Others felt the EPA didn’t consider unintended consequences.

“In March, a panel of independent experts testified to the Florida Keys mosquito board that GE mosquitoes could also pose significant threats to sensitive ecosystems and human populations in the Florida Keys,” reported the Daily Mail.

And yes, in 2021, with the financial support of the Gates Foundation, GlaxoSmithKline developed a Malaria Vaccine. A clear case of Problem Reaction Solution where once again Bill Gates adds to his massive fortune through nefarious means. So, yes, people are concerned.

Bill Gates has become an American pariah following his hand in the rollout of the Covid Vaccines that continue to injure and kill millions of Americans, a scourge upon humanity due to his buyout of American farmland in favor of GMO crops and livestock, a dastardly degenerate due to his close association with Jeffrey Epstein that was the downfall to his marriage and recent revelations of rampant sexual harassment of his underlings. The poster boy for the Elite’s climate change hypocrisy movement.

So when the bought and paid for Associated Press and Forbes write hit pieces against those questioning Bill Gates motives, it merely adds propagandist to the rap sheet of Bill Gates villainy. Bill Gates is an awful person and shouldn’t be in charge of anything supposedly benefiting humanity.

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