Putin reveals extent of Russia’s contemporary weapons

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During his speech at the final extended meeting of the Defense Ministry Board, the president stated that the share of modern weapons in the Russian Army was now over 71%, and that of the nuclear forces was 89%.

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The Russian Navy has welcomed the latest addition to its Pacific Fleet as TWO Borei and Borei-A-class nuclear submarines, dubbed ‘Knyaz Oleg’ and ‘Novosibirsk’, entered service in Severodvinsk.

RT’s Yulia Shapovalova checks out the marvel of Russia’s arsenal – a long-distance drone dubbed the ‘Orion,’ which is capable of hitting BOTH airborne and ground targets!

Training drills in the mountains of Russia’s Buryatia take out ‘enemy’ targets with the help of self-propelled howitzers ‘Msta-S’ and anti-tank guided missiles

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