Rockets Rain On Israel: Hezbollah’s Biggest Attack Spree In 1 Day So Far? | China Passes ‘Iran’s Message’ to US: Warns Against Jordan Attack Retaliation

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In what could be on of its biggest single-day attacks so far, Hezbollah claimed to have launched over a dozen strikes at Israel on January 29. The Lebanese group claimed to have targeted Israel military sites through the day with Burkan missiles and Falaq rockets. The escalation in attacks came days after reports emerged of Hezbollah being alerted by an unnamed Arab country that the IDF was planning to invade Lebanon.

The U.S. is in a difficult spot over how to retaliate to the attack on its forces in Jordan. And to add to its worries, China has now issued a warning against a retaliatory strike. Cautioning the U.S., Beijing said that Washington’s action could push it into a vicious cycle. China also mentioned that Iran has clearly stated that it had nothing to do with the attack and that any U.S. action against Tehran could be dangerous. China’s warning comes amid reports of a U.S. mulling covert operation against Iran after three American troops were killed in Jordan on January 28.