Russia deploys its deadliest weapon near Ukraine – TOS-1 thermobaric rocket launcher

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The appearance of NATO military, militants and mercenaries in the area of the border with Ukraine forced Russia to go to extreme measures and deploy heavy flame throwing systems in the region. The powerful systems are capable of destroying enemy’s military forces and scorching out the terrain within one kilometer during a single coordinated attack.

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The deadly weapon that Russia deployed on frontline positions near Ukraine is the latest 220-mm thermobaric rocket launcher known as TOS-1, Chinese publication Sohu reports.

According to the publication, mercenaries, US special forces and servicemen of NATO countries are staying in Ukraine to help train soldiers and snipers. Ukraine currently builds bunkers and trenches on the front line in preparation for possible hostilities.

US specialists acknowledge that Russia’s thermobaric bombs are known for their tremendous lethal power, Sohu said. Thermobaric weapon sucks up all the oxygen in the area and creates a massive blast wave with negative pressure. Anything that survives fire in the area of the attack will be killed by massive pressure differences as blood vessels and internal organs simply explode under such hellish conditions.

According to unconfirmed reports, the heavy flamethrowers have been delivered to the border between Russia and Ukraine via railway.

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