Russia develops body armor that protects against NATO sniper bullets

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The Russian military tested the first batch of new Oberig body armor in the zone of the special military operation, which stop NATO sniper bullets of 8,6 mm caliber, Vladimir Artyakov, First Deputy General Director of Rostec, said in an interview with RIA Novosti on the eve of the Army-2023 international military-technical forum.

According to him, the state corporation wanted to create a bulletproof vest that would protect the life of a soldier at a qualitatively new level, while remaining light and comfortable.

“And we did it. The weight of the “Amulet” is only about 11.7 kilograms. The novelty was tested not only with standard 5,7×62 millimeter bullets for the Br-54 class, but also with bullets of a more powerful caliber – 8,6 millimeters (.338 Lapua Magnum. – Ed.). The ceramic plate withstood such a hit. We also conducted shootings of American and Chinese classmates. Tests have shown that foreign vests are powerless against such a test,” Artyakov said.

He clarified that the fighters on the front line had already received an experienced batch of body armor and were satisfied.

The first deputy head of Rostec added that the state corporation continues to improve Obereg. In the modified version, the body armor is lighter by almost two kilograms, while protecting the fighter just as reliably.

“Obereg” is produced by the Tula company “Oktava”. The bulletproof vest will be presented at the “Army”. Rostec will also demonstrate new RDG-U smoke grenades from TsNIItochmash for personal protection of fighters from high-precision weapons.

The forum “Army” will be held in the Patriot Park in the Moscow region Kubinke from 14 to 20 August under the auspices of the Ministry of Defense. RIA Novosti is the official news agency of the exhibition.

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