Russia Rained Down On NATO Facilities In KHARKIV Hundreds Of Its Newest Jet-Powered Kamikaze Drones!

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The fact that Russia began using the latest kamikaze modifications of ‘Geranium’ drones in the special military operation zone became known in early January 2024. Let me remind you that on January 2, photos of the wreckage of the Russian kamikaze drone ‘Geranium-3’ appeared on the network, which was significantly different from its predecessors. In particular, this drone had a more streamlined body and an air intake of an engine with a jet turbine. Even then it became clear that Russia had started using completely new kamikaze drones with a jet engine. At the same time, it is worth noting that it is still unknown exactly how the wreckage of the latest drone ended up at the disposal of the Ukrainian military. It is still unknown whether this drone was shot down or it still reached its target and destroyed it