Brian Berletic: Russia Resumes Massive Missile Strikes as Ukraine Continues to Rely on Deadly, Senseless PR Stunts

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Russia’s taking of the heavily fortified town of Maryinka demonstrates the futility of Kiev’s “dig-in” strategy;

  • Ukrainian General Valery Zaluzhny has admitted that the likewise fortified city of Avdeevka will inevitably be taken by Russian forces;
  • After months of stockpiling missiles, Russia has carried the first of what will likely be many large-scale strikes across Ukraine;
  • Ukraine’s retaliation targeting Belgorod civilian targets is admittedly done solely for domestic “morale” and will only likely harden Russian resolve across all levels of Russian society;
  • Ukraine’s strike on Crimea, destroying a landing ship, while a PR “victory,” demonstrates just how difficult it will be to “isolate” the peninsula considering the large number of ports and airfields Russia can use to supply both the civilian population and its military installations even without the Crimean Bridge and land-bridge;
  • As Ukraine’s inevitable defeat becomes more widely accepted, NATO will have to decide whether to cut its losses and demonstrate to other proxies its lack of commitment or continue its commitment and demonstrate to its proxies that the collective West is simply, fundamentally weak;