Russian Breakthrough In The Kupiansk Direction | Monstrous Ukrainian losses | Military Summary

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In the Kupiansk region, the Russians secured three villages after heavy fighting. Activities in this area are very intense, stretching along the entire front line. In the direction of Siversk, activities are also very high, with the Russians bombarding the area more intensely than in weeks. In Chasiv Yar, in the Kanal district, the Russians advanced a few meters and secured the regional church. West of Ivanivske, the Russians are reported to have advanced to the canal and secured the forests. Towards Vuhledar, the Ukrainians launched two counterattacks, reclaiming a wooded area. In Urazhaine, the Russians also advanced and secured an additional 300 meters. A Ukrainian fighter jet, an SU-25, was damaged or destroyed in a Lancet attack.