Russian Deputy FM: NATO works to contain Russia, not for peace

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Russian and NATO delegations have just wrapped up talks in Brussels. They’ve been held in an effort to reduce tensions on the continent. It’s the first time the NATO-Russia council has convened in more than two years. RT’s Charlotte Dubenskij brings us up to speed. (1:03) Then, Arvin Vohra, former Vice-Chair for the Libertarian Party and former UK MP George Galloway join a panel to discuss. (6:53) United Airlines announced it will be reducing flights, as hundreds of its workers call out sick – as a result of COVID-19. Overall, about 3,000 United Airlines employees tested positive for COVID-19, as the Omicron variant shows no signs of easing. United is just one of the airlines struggling. In all, the industry has canceled more than 29,000 flights since Christmas, with many airlines putting part of the blame on COVID. Former official at the National Transportation Safety Board Jamie Finch joins In Question to discuss. (16:18)

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01:03 Russia & Nato
06:53 George Galloway
16:18 United Airlines & Jamie Finch

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