Russian prankster who tricked UK defence secretary reveals details (with full prank video)

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The prankster, known as Lexus, said the footage of the video call was only edited to keep sensitive British national security information from the public

One of the Russian pranksters behind the call to UK Defence Secretary Ben Wallace, Alexey Stolyarov, AKA Lexus, dismissed London’s claim that the conversation was Russian propaganda. The team did not doctor the footage, only editing it with the sole purpose of keeping sensitive UK national security information from the public, Lexus told RT on Thursday.

Full prank video:

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Alexey Stolyarov, AKA Lexus, and fellow prankster Vladimir Kuznetsov, AKA Vovan, posed as Ukrainian Prime Minister Denis Shmygal to trick Wallace into discussing various policy issues, including London’s stance on Kiev potentially seeking nuclear weapons. The Defence Ministry asked YouTube to censor the video call, claiming it was “doctored by the Russian state.”