Russian Su-30 attacks NATO F-35, activates Khibiny onboard complex

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During another NATO provocation that was staged near the Russian borders, the Su-30SM fighter carried out the first recorded attack on a NATO F-35 fighter. The Russian fighter used the Khibiny airborne complex for the manoeuvre.

The pilot of the F-35 fighter later noted that it was the first time he had to confront a Russian Su-30SM fighter aircraft.

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When the F-35 fighter covertly attempted to approach Russia’s western borders, a Russian Su-30SM fighter jet appeared next to the NATO aircraft all of a sudden. After several attempts to drive the fifth-generation aircraft away from the Russian borders, the Su-30SM unexpectedly used its Khibiny onboard complex against the F-35 (the Khibiny is a standard non-lethal weapon of the Russian fighter). This led to a partial loss of control over the NATO aircraft.

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The incident did not end with the use of the weapon. Having lost control over the F-35, the pilot of the Russian aircraft began to take dangerous actions against the NATO fighter.

The incident ended as quickly as it started – the Russian fighter jet returned to the airbase, and the NATO fighter was forced to return to the airbase in Estonia.

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