Russian Terminator tanks ready for army service

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Two companies of the 90th tank division to be armed with Terminator tank support vehicles

Sources in the Defence Ministry of Russia told the Izvestia newspaper that by the end of the year a full-time company with Terminator tank support vehicles would be formed in one of the tank regiments of the 90th division of the Central Military District.

The new unit will become part of the regimental motorized rifle battalion. Next year, the Terminators will work closely with motorized riflemen during live firing exercises. According to the publication, a similar company armed with tans support vehicles will also be formed in another tank regiment of the 90th division.

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A tank support vehicle crew consists of five men: a commander, a driver-mechanic, a gunner-operator and two course grenade launchers operators. Accordingly, the vehicle has a “larger number of eyes” to observe the situation than the tank. In addition, the Terminator’s gun has a high elevation angle. It can shoot, for example, at upper floors of buildings, which tanks cannot do. This makes the tank support vehicle indispensable for combat operations in the city and on rough terrain.

In 2017, the Terminators tank support vehicles were tested in Syria. Deputy Defense Minister Yuri Borisov stated that it was the Syrian experience that made it possible to make a decision on the procurement of the new type of military equipment. The same year, state trials were completed, and the machine received approval for serial production.

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