Russia’s Aerospace Force successfully tests new missile interceptor

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The previous test of the new anti-missile was in April

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Russia’s Aerospace Force has successfully launched a missile interceptor, the Defense Ministry told the media.

“At the Sary-Shagan test site of the Strategic Missile Force (in the Republic of Kazakhstan) a combat crew of an Air Defense and Missile Defense unit of Russia’s Aerospace Force has successfully carried out another test launch of a new missile defense system,” the Defense Ministry said.

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The commander of a missile defense unit of Russia’s Aerospace Force, Major General Sergey Grabchuk, has said a series of tests has confirmed the anti-missile missile’s expected parameters.

“The new anti-missile missile after a series of tests reliably confirmed the expected parameters. The combat crews successfully coped with their task to hit the designated target, achieving the expected accuracy,” he said.

The previous test of the new anti-missile was in April.

In an interview to the Russian army daily Krasnaya Zvezda in July 2020 the Aerospace Force’s commander, Colonel-General Sergey Surovikin, said that tests were underway of a missile defense system protecting Moscow and the Central Industrial Region. The Aerospace Force, he said, will be armed with an upgraded multifunctional radar and upgraded missile interceptors soon.


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